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Cremation Packages 

Shaw-Davis owns and operates 2 state-of-the-art, computer-managed crematorium at our West Second Avenue location. Supervised and operated by certified crematory specialists, we provide on-site refrigeration and a private viewing chapel. If religion or culture dictates, cremations can be scheduled for attendance by family members and loved ones. Shaw-Davis also utilizes a universal ID system for the peace of mind of our customers. Your loved one never leaves our care.

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  • Basic services of funeral director & staff
  • Removal from place of death in Franklin County (Residence Removal add $75 or 1 county outside Franklin add $175)
  • Transportation to our on-site Crematory
  • Basic Refrigeration charge
  • Embalming
  • Dressing, casketing, & other preparations
  • Crematory disposition charge and permit fee
  • Alternative cremation container and standard size polymer urn
  • 2 hour block of time for same day visitation and/or funeral service (Funeral Home or location of your choice)
  • Online Obituary and Condolence Page
  • Rental Casket
  • Casket Spray of Flowers ($200 allowance)
  • One Officiant/Clergy Honorarium ($200 allowance)
  • Obituary (Partial) ($200 allowance)
  • Death Certificates (2)
  • Custom register book and color memorial folders (100 count)
  • Custom memorial tribute video (up to 100 photos)
Additional charges for autopsied cases, organ donors and those requiring reconstructive preparation 

(Bariatric cases 275 to 400 pounds add $200. Cases 400 pounds and over add $400 )

When after a death can cremation take place?

Because cremation is an irreversible process and because the process itself will eliminate any ability to determine exact cause of death, The State of Ohio requires the following steps before the cremation is authorized. In Ohio, 24 hours must lapse. In addition, all necessary legal authorizations and documentations must be processed and filed prior to cremation. This requires the co-operation of the authorizing agent (next-of-kin) providing information and signatures. Then contacting the appropriate physician or coroner to complete the medical portion of the certificate and local health department to accept the death certificate. Once the death certificate is accepted a cremation permit is issued. Once permit is received, families can expect the process to range from 7 - 10 business days or longer if the signing physician is unavailable to complete the certificate. As required by law, the deceased remains in refrigeration until the cremation is performed.

* Prices shown reflect funeral home service fees and merchandise which were in effect in January 2021. [prices are subject to change without notice.] Out of county removal fee and filing out of county death certificate add $175.00 per county we enter. We reserve the right to mail (USPS) death certificates for out-of-county cases. Days and/or hours and other restrictions may apply. Services or merchandise requested may be added to any package offering The charge for requested item(s) not included in the package offerings will be added to the funeral home contract.

* Funeral Home / Third Party charges not included unless noted; newspaper obituary notices, out of county [Franklin County] transportation fees to our private crematory, certified copies of the Ohio death certificate, private or public viewing of the body once in our care; unless required by law, dressing or additional preparation of the deceased; family member(s) present for a scheduled cremation ceremony, any special request(s), mailing cremated remains, removal of a pacemaker or defibrillator, bariatric individuals in excess of 275 pounds and placement of cremains in outside urn(s) not purchased through Shaw-Davis. 

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Crescent Memorial URN Pricing Catalog

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